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Welcome to the PACT web site

Welcome to the PACT web site. PACT is Petersfield Area Churches Together and this web site is designed to promote the activities of PACT, its member churches and the organisations that are partnered with PACT or linked to PACT.

It will also make available documents, videos, audio files and images that record these activities. Please note that there are two menus - one at the left and one above - take time to explore what the site has to offer!

You can read about future events by visiting the Calendar of Events page and by reading the PACT Newsletters. Links to reports and photographs of recent events are available on the PACT Happenings page.

A Christian Comment entitled Faith Comment, written by leaders and members of PACT churches and other, local churches, is published each week in the Petersfield Post - visit the current Faith Comment page and also the Christian Comment Archive page.

There is an extensive collection of reports and photographs of past events, going back to 2009, which may be accessed from the Archives page.

The Churches involved in the PACT community are:

Click on this link to locate a PACT church

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