It’s beginning to look a lot like…Advent

Advent – which is the season leading up to Christmas – is ready to go, and Petersfield’s ‘a cappella’ singers, The Free Radicals, will becelebrating it with a short set of Advent songs and readings.  Anyone who has been to their spine-tingling Lent sessions will know what to expect: delightful songs sung expertly in close harmony, combined with short and poignant readings of poetry.

The Radicals’ leader, Steve Sargent said, “There’s so much Christmas music blaring at us in the shops, that we need to do something different – Radical, of course!  Our music takes a step back, away from the commercialisation of Christmas, and we hope that this will allow people to enjoy Christmas all the more when the time comes.”

The event, which is free to enter, will be held in St Peter’s Church in The Square, Petersfield at 7:30pm on Thursday, 30th November.  A retiring collection will be taken in aid of relief work for families in Ukraine.