Petersfield Town Chaplaincy

Who are we?

  • The Chaplaincy is made up of individuals who believe in the Christian faith and are motivated by it to offer help to our town.
  • The Chaplaincy is made up of individuals from all walks of life. eg teaching, business, public sector and ministry
  • The Chaplaincy is in partnership with Petersfield Area Churches Together

What do we do?

  • We befriend the market traders on a Wednesday morning in the Square.
  • We are present at the farmers’ market.
  • We marshal Good Friday service in the Square.
  • We marshal the Remembrance Sunday, when 2,000 people visit the town centre.
  • We are open to expand our services to anyone in our locality.

Our Patrons

  • Rt Rev’d Christopher Foster,
  • Rear Admiral Paul Hoddinott CB, OBE

Our History

Some individuals felt the desire to go out and serve in their community, so set out to visit other similar groups working in other towns and deciding on how the Petersfield Business Community would be best served.  Once the group was formed with a team of trustees, a plan was put together, and volunteer Chaplaincies were trained.  Petersfield Town Chaplaincy was born, and adopted by Petersfield Area Churches Together to represent the fact that all churches together were serving their community in this way.