The PACT Unity Service took place on Sunday 23rd January at Petersfield Methodist Church. This marks both the International Week of Christian Unity and the beginning of the Chairmanship of PACT by Ivan Huntington-Thresher for the next year. The meeting was led by Rev Stephen Wright and it followed the title ‘We Saw His Star in the East’, following the journey of the Magi to Bethlehem, and designed by Christians in the Middle East. It was a joyful time of coming together, worshipping God, hearing the scriptures, praying and demonstrating commitment to the Lord and to each other by the placing of stars on a board.

We pray for Ivan, that he will be filled afresh by the Lord’s peace and presence and that he will be guided by the Holy Spirit in the coming year, and for all the individuals and churches within PACT, that we will have a new anointing and be a powerful blessing throughout Petersfield in 2022.