Volunteers receive donations and prepare food packs. All volunteers receive training and most people work once or twice a month.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Simon (07757 944350, simonmason1@yahoo.co.uk)

We work on a rota system receiving donations, sorting and storing food, preparing food packs and distributing them to people in need. Sorting is done on Monday and Wednesday mornings at the Methodist Church and the packs are distributed on Tuesday and Friday mornings from the Salvation Army.

A Management Committee oversees the various aspects of our work – liaison with referral agencies, collection points, volunteer training etc. We try to ensure that each person only has one job! We usually have over 60 volunteers to support the service and are very happy to talk to groups about our work.

More information from David (01730 265884) or Audrey (07586 290481).