7 July – Rev’d Joshua Thomas – Chair of PACT for 2021


Monday 21st June should have been the day when all remaining Covid-19 restrictions were lifted. As we know, this has not happened yet. We hope and pray that cases, although rising, remain at a level that means our NHS is not overwhelmed and the death rates do not start increasing substantially enabling the new date – 19th July to truly be freedom day.

The date in the diary did start me thinking though, many have referred to this date as I just have – ‘Freedom day’ but it occurs to me that, though for some of us, we will gain some of our freedoms back enabling us to live a more normal life, for many, life will never truly feel free. Over the past year and a bit, we have lived under restrictions that have shown us what it feels like to be housebound, to feel lonely, to feel cut off. But for some people, these things are just a part of their everyday reality. There are many people living in our community that have been housebound for a number of years, they miss the independence they may have once enjoyed and some of the issues we as a nation struggled with for just a short period of time are issues that they face on an almost daily basis.

Jesus was good at breaking down barriers, just this week in church we have reflected on the story of the haemorrhaging woman who had faith to simply reach out and touch Jesus, hoping that this simple act would bring her healing. Jesus was not one for social conventions and whilst this woman to many was considered ‘unclean’ in the society she was a part of, to him she was one of his beloved children and was rewarded for her faith with healing.

There are many injustices in our world, many barriers that need breaking down. At the best of times in the past year, we have ensured we are looking out for those on the margins who need our help and support – lets carry on trying to do that! Let us as a community strive towards making the 19th July a ‘freedom day’ for all of our community by continuing to support those who most need our support.