13 July – John Callaghan, Life Church & vice-chair of PACT

Welcome to our Ukrainian Guests

вітаємо наших українських гостей

Could I say a hearty well done to the huge number of residents in this area who have welcomed Ukrainian guests over the past few months. To those hosting and others making welcome packs, it shows just what can be achieved when we work together. Our individual small efforts might seem unimportant but together we can extend a welcome and kindness which might help damaged lives to grow again. You all have created a space for our Ukrainian friends to grieve, to share anxiety, to stand in solidarity and the hope to plan for the future.

Life is hard for many people and for all of us from time to time. Sharing those moments is often helpful and healing. Jesus said giving is better than receiving. The church in this area is also a source of comfort, listening, and hope.

Rebuilding damaged lives is so much easier  when we find out that we are not alone and that other wonderful people will stand alongside us, cry with us and celebrate with us as we move forward.

Try it today, show some kindness, care for others and together we can build a brighter future for everyone.