13 June – John Callaghan, Chair of Trustees

The Kings Arms transforms young lives

Across the Nation reports have come in from schools and local councils concerning the many children still suffering anxiety from the effects of Covid lockdown. For some children this has resulted in total isolation from their schools and community and a few are unable to even leave their bedrooms. Youth workers across the country set about devising schemes to remedy this problem and, the team at the Kings Arms were mobilised to find an answer.

In partnership with a local school they identified a small group totally stranded in their homes. Initially the KA team visited them at home and after this they were invited to attend the youth club instead of school. All of those who came to the youth club building daily, were welcomed by the wonderful staff and volunteers and they were invited to engage in all sorts of non academic activities! Later on the local school sent teachers to guide them through essential subjects such as Maths and English and after attending the clubs and receiving their lessons for a year I can report they have all taken all their GSCE exams!

Change can happen! With some help we can leave the past behind and build a better future.

Thank you to the people and churches of Petersfield who continue to support this amazing project.