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Video Files 2013

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  Good Friday Reflection in the Square given by Father Peter Hollins of St Laurence Church

Transcript of Father Hollins' Reflection

Today brings silence to our hearts. We walk down the streets and some people looked and saw, quietly: “What’s this about?”. For others, the penny dropped – ah, it’s Good Friday, I know what’s happening.

For many of us it’s the silence of people who are stunned by such awful treatment of a human being, of such cruelty that brings us to silence, even in the light of some of the events that are happening in the world today.

For many of us, it’s an awesome silence; it’s that the Son of God has come among us and he is crucified cruelly and rejected.

It’s the silence of not knowing what to say – or even what to do.

It’s the silence of acceptance; of maybe realising that here before us is the very love of God, poured forth in the life of Jesus.

In our imaginations we may stand in silence at the foot of the cross; but we can’t stay there because we look to Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and what He treasures, what He offers, He invites us to treasure and to offer.


And it’s to reflect the loving kindness of God which indeed is poured out in His own life.

Moved in the depths of our very souls the Lord invites us to share His mind and heart and serve the needs of our brothers and sisters with our life.

Sometimes we can do this heroically by ourselves – often with other people. Today, witness in our town Petersfield Area Churches Together. There are ways of serving together that we can do so much better together than by ourselves. There are ways of serving the Lord and our brothers and sisters that we can do so much better together than by ourselves.

We give thanks to the Lord today for this blessing of Good Friday; we seek to serve and to treasure these moments in our hearts and to look forward to the Kingdom in its fullness to which the Lord draws us.

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  The Salvation Army lead the congregation in singing "What a Saviour"
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