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The Unity Bookshop February 2012: Book Signing by Linda Clist

Linda Clist will be signing copies of her new book Old Bed, New Bed at the Unity Bookshop on 10 March 2012Linda signed copies of her book, New Bed, Old Bed, at the Unity Christian Bookshop on Saturday, 10 March.

This illustrated story book introducing children to the issue of homelessness and how they can help those in need in practical ways. Jack has a new bed and is looking forward to going to buy new bed covers with his mum and little sister, Christy. His Uncle Oliver is going to take his old bed to the tip. The next day, on the high street Jack sees a homeless man, and his mum explains that the man doesn t have a comfy bed to sleep in like Jack. Jack s mum shows kindness to the man and also encourages Jack to give donations to the local homeless shelter. Jack's old bed never makes it to the tip, because his uncle finds a much better place for it to go, and Jack meets someone there whom he never expected to see.

It includes guidelines for parents and teachers at the end, as well as information about the homeless charity Emmaus and other organisations which help homeless people.

Linda Clist has spent most of her working life in schools and colleges, teaching English and Education. She is also a licensed lay minister and has served in churches in England and abroad. She now lives in Hampshire, is married to Peter and has three grown-up sons. Her interests include walking, dancing and drama.

Linda is a local author and this book helps to explain homelessness to young children and would be of interest to parents, teachers, and anyone who works with young children.


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