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Bobs Retires from the Unity Book Shop

Di Mackarness presents Bobs Moat with an inscribed bowl on the occassion of her retirement in March 2010Bobs Moat retired from the Unity Book Shop at Christmas 2009 but due to a variety of circumstances didn't have her retirement party until 12 March this year. Bobs worked in the shop on Friday afternoons for 22 years, unpacking STL parcels, checking customer orders and cleaning the loo!

It has been calculated that she spent 4,576 hours of her life (give or take holidays and additional days) working in the shop.

Together she and Phil - who has painstakingly done our bookkeeping for many years - have been fixtures in the shop. In fact you can consider it as a family concern because Liz, their daughter, was also a volunteer in the early days and Liz's husband, John, is the PACT web master who has created this page!

Bobs is missed in the shop - everyone misses her laughter, her chatting and her ability to share the love of God with others. It is good to know that she'll pop into the shop as a customer and friend, and it is hoped that she is enjoying a rest from unpacking parcels and cleaning the loo!

The Trustees presented Bobs with a bowl, inscribed with the Unity Book Shop prayer and the photograph above shows the bowl being presented by Di Mackarness.

The text on the bowl, which is the Unity Bookshop Prayer is:

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give us a spirit of UNITY among ourselves as we follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth we may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is taken from Romans 15 v 5-6.

The bowl was made by Christine Bull, a member of Life Church Petersfield. Christine sells her pottery, much of which is decorated with scriptural verses, in The Unity Bookshop and you can see more of her work on her pages of the on-line Watershed Gallery web site.

More photographs from the retirement party

Naomi, Sue and John Liz, Betty, Silvy, Gillian and Kate
Ken and Phil Anthony and Phil
Bridget and Jill Gillian, Sylvia, Rosemary and Kate
Gillian, Sylvia and Kate Mary and David
Bobs, Margaret and Bridget Phil, Di, Bobs and Margaret
Thanks Bobs!
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