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If you are interested in the activities of one or more of the PACT churches or organisations listed below simply send and email to with the number(s) of the group or groups that you'd like to join. Please include your name.

When an activity is planned, or when an activity has taken place, you will receive an email containing some brief information about the church or organisation and a link to the appropriate page of the PACT web site that will contain full details and/or further links. In this way you will be kept up to date with what is going on.

If you wish to unsubscribe from any of these groups at any time look for the unsubscribe note at the bottom of the emails you receive.

We will not pass on your name or email address to any third party

Section 1: PACT Churches
Church   Church  
1.1 All Saints Steep   1.7 St Mary Magdalen, Sheet  
1.2 Life Church Petersfield   1.8 St Mary's, Buriton  
1.3 Petersfield Evangelical Church   1.9 St Peters, Petersfield  
1.4 Petersfield Methodist Church   1.10 The Salvation Army Petersfield  
1.5 t Laurence Catholic Church   1.11 United Reformed Church Petersfield  
1.6 Froxfield with Privett      
Section 2: All Affiliated and Associated Organisations
Organisation   Organisation  
2.1 Alpha   2.13 Petersfield Housing Association  
2.2 Christian Aid   2.14 Positive Parenting Petersfield  
2.3 Christian Comment   2.15 Prayer Impact  
2.4 Holiday Club   2.16 Social Concerns Group Petersfield  
2.5 Homestart Butser   2.17 Society of Special Needs Petersfield  
2.6 Messy Church Petersfield   2.18 Tearfund Petersfield  
2.7 PACT Newsletter   2.19 The King's Arms Petersfield  
2.8 PACT Web Site   2.20 Petersfield Food Bank  
2.9 IMC - In Ministry to Children   2.21 Voluntary Care Group Petersfield  
2.10 Christmas Day Lunch   2.22 PACT Committee Minutes  
2.11Theophostic Prayer Ministry   2.23 PACT Lent Programme  
2.12 Petersfield Counselling Service   2.14 Petersfield Town Chaplaincy  
Section 3: PACT Special Events and Services
Events and Services will be marked as being new by having the word New displayed beside them when they are first displayed on the web site. Seven days after they have been added this word will be removed.
3.1 Subscribe to the Special Events and Services Email Group