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Social Concerns Group, Petersfield

Notes on Pact Social Concerns Group held at 25 Castle Garden on Thursday 3 September rat 10am

Present: Hilary Bonney (Chair), Sue Bone, Christine Tully, Janet Love, Joanna Fells, Elisabeth Holmes, Isobel  Chambers 

Apologies:  Brian Edwards

Sue opened the meeting by reading Eddie Askew’s reflection on bearing one another’s burdens, Gal 6:2.  We needed to be good listeners.

A) Matters Arising from meeting of 8th June 2015

1.    Food Bank

Brian gave Christine his final report before handing over to the new treasurer, Terry Doubleday on Sept 1st.
£244.87 cash in hand had been handed over to Terry.

Brian had purchased £100.00 worth of gift vouchers.  He issued vouchers worth £60.00 and had £270.00 remaining, which were handed over to Terry. 

FOOD ISSUES.  Since the last meeting there had been 34 issues of food helping 55 adults and 32 children. 

Issues of food initiated by various agencies since June

  • 55 Adults helped
  • 32 Children helped
  • 6 Drum/Radian
  • 11 CAB
  • 4 Salvation Army
  • Havant Orion Centre
  • 1 Basingstoke CAB


  • 1 Job Centre
  • 5 Action for Children (Sure Start)
  • 2 Adult Mental Health Petersfield
  • Havant NHS Foundation Trust
  • Children’s Service Havant
  • 2 Winton House
  • 2 Vicar of Rogate

A New Team has take over from Brian in running the food bank

Two volunteers will distribute food from the Salvation Army Hall on Tuesdays and Fridays between 9.30and 11.30am each week.  Two volunteers are also needed on a Monday afternoon to organise the donated food which is now being stored at the Methodist church  (and to which food donations should now be taken).  Therefore if 30 volunteers signed up, people would have to do on average only one session per month.   More volunteers are now needed.  Contact David Rice on 01428 642787 or on  Further training of volunteers will take place at the Methodist church 16th Sept for distributors and 18th Sept for sorters and packers, both 9.30-11.00am.

Note: the Salvation Army will distribute food to any one coming on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday!

B) New agenda items

Christmas  lunch
Katie Wiggley is still willing to organise this, along with Marika. A meeting would take place on Friday 11th Sept 9.30am in St Peter’s meeting room.  Christine would not be able to attend but had sent the financial position to Katie together with some issues which needed to be discussed.  We endeavoured to ensure that each church would be represented.  There would be some changes this year now that Marika no longer worked at the Good Intent.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday November. 13th at 10am at 25 Castle Garden.


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