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Social Concerns Group, Petersfield

Notes on Pact Social Concerns Group held at 25 Castle Garden on Monday 1st Sept 2014 at 10am

Present: Hilary Bonney (Chair), Sue Bone, Judith Peake, Christine Tully, Brian Edwards, Joanna Fells, Elisabeth Holmes.
Hilary opened the meeting with a brief devotion and prayer

Matters Arising from meeting of 30th June

1. Christmas Lunch At the first planning meeting a proposal had been made by Marika and Katie to use a bigger venue so that more people could be catered for. Hilary had drafted a letter which could be sent to proposed venues such as Churchers College, and the Festival Hall. This had to be approved by the PACT committee. Our group felt there were many difficult issues with this proposal such as staff having to work on Christmas day if we moved to a non church venue.
We also needed to know which minister would be able to give the blessing at the beginning of the meal. Next meeting: Thurs 18th Sept 2014.

2. Food Bank The account was audited by Christine Tully on 24th July. We agreed that in future the account would be checked at the time of each social concerns meeting so that any errors could be picked up quickly.

The demand for food was now greater than the supply, so churches needed to keep up the food supply. Hopefully harvest donations would top up the supply.

There was now sufficient washing up liquid, washing up powder and toilet rolls. Two items were in plentiful supply: tins of soup and tea bags. Even more beans could be given.

Since the last meeting a cash donation of £21.00 had been received, together with a £40 cheque and a donation of £80 into the PACT food bank account, leaving £955.65 in the PACT account.

Brian had purchased £100 worth of gift vouchers, issued £140 worth and had £140 remaining.

He used £105.83 to purchase the needed food items. There was £388.07 cash in hand.

FOOD ISSUES. Since the last meeting there had been 33 issues of food helping 52 adults and 26 children. There had been 800 issues since September 2010 helping 1847 adults /children.

Issues of food initiated by various agencies since June

  • 52 Adults helped
  • 26 Children helped
  • 8 Drum/Radian
  • 10 CAB
  • 8 Salvation Army
  • 1 Havant Orion Centre


  • 4 Job Centre
  • 1 Action for Children (Sure Start)
  • 3 Adult Mental Health Petersfield
  • 1 Havant NHS Foundation Trust
  • 0 Children’s Service Havant

Brian may need someone to take over the running of the food bank in about a year’s time. It was agreed that we should urgently look for one or two people to ‘shadow’ Brian as soon as possible. This need would be taken to the PACT committee so the churches could be informed. The work would take about 12 hours per week and would still operate from the Salvation Army Hall. Being a driver, computer literate, willing for DAB check and able to work with flexibility would be qualities needed. Brian had adapted some of the ways he worked to be suitable for his own needs. A new organiser would probably need to make some changes.

Soup Run. As last time we received a report, not many homeless people used this service, but some liked to come for a chat. Those running it wished to continue,

Any other business Hilary noted that there were several significant events highlighted in the PACT newsletter and encouraged us to ensure our church members were informed of the contents, particularly those who could not receive their own copies by email.

Elisabeth informed us that she had begun to volunteer at the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, founded by Canon Andrew White. There were great needs in that region now owing to the unrest and the advance of ISIS.
Christmas card delivery. Christine would convene a meeting of church co-ordinators in the week beginning Oct 20th so that the distribution list could be updated.

Date and venues of next meeting The next meeting will be held on Monday November. 10th at 10am at 25 Castle Garden.


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