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Notes  on  Pact Social Concerns Group  held at the SA Hall on Monday 9th September  2013 at 10:00 am

Present: Hilary Bonney (Chair), Sue Bone, Pippa Collingwood, Judith Peake, Christine Tully, Joanna Fells, Brian Edwards.

Pippa opened the meeting with prayer.

Matters Arising from meeting of 1st July

 1. Food Bank

Brian reported that there is an increased demand and a steady supply of food.  Winton House now had a collection point, controlled by Robert Venables.  A couple of homeless people are now being regularly supplied with food, but Brian registers each only once during each reporting period.

Since the last meeting a cash donation of £20 and a £20 gift token had been received, together with the regular donation into the PACT food bank account.   A cheque for £500.00 for food purchases had been issued in July from the PACT account;  there was now £1,230.93 in this account.  The sale of near to date items raised £9.00.  Brian had purchased £100 worth of gift vouchers, issued £125 worth and had £185 remaining.  He used £307.06 to purchase the needed items and £10 on display materials.  There was £306.21 cash in hand. 

Items Brian needs to buy: include washing powder, nappies, UHT milk, sugar, spaghetti, meat balls, biscuits, tins of potatoes.

Food Issues:  Since the last meeting there had been 41 issues of food helping 50 adults and 37 children. 

These issues were initiated by: 

  • Drum/Radian 10
  • C.A.B. 5
  • Salvation Army.  9
  • Sure Start 1
  • Home Start 2
  • Tree tops 2
  • Life church 0
  • Winton House 1
  • Job centre 8
  • Community Treatment Team 1
  • Youth crime prevention team 1
  • St Mary’s Buriton 1

The food bank started three years ago; there had been 555 issues since Sept. 2010 helping 1295 adults /children.  Brian noted that more groups were now referring people to the food bank.

Churches should each have a copy of the referral form.  They were asked to make their own copies as needed.  The church administrators needed to know how the food bank functions.

Brian would be on holiday from 5th - 25th November.  Linda would request help if needed.

2. Christmas Lunch

Katie has called the first meeting of the Christmas lunch planning meeting, to take place in St Peter’s church meeting room on Thurs 12th Sept at 12.30pm.  Each church was encouraged to be represented.

The PACT committee ascertained that there was no need for CRB checks for those transporting guests.

 3. Winton House  

Volunteers are needed for the Pop In cafe and the office.  A musical evening and BBQ will be held at Winton House Sun Sept 15th 4-7pm, at a cost of £6.00 per ticket.

Christmas Cards

These were being designed by students from Buriton and matters were well in hand.  Christine would ask the church ‘card reps’ to discuss and amend distribution lists sometime in the week beginning Oct 21st.  The bundling would take place in the week beginning 18th November.  Brian reminded us that he would not be available to collect the cards from the printers.

The meeting was closed with prayer

Date of next meeting   Mon 11th Noveber  2013 10:00 am in the Salvation Army Hall.


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