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Social Concerns Group, Petersfield

Minutes of the PACT Social Concerns Group on Thursday 20th September 2012 at 10am 30 Oaklands Road, Petersfield

Present :Hilary Bonney (St Mary Magdalen + Chair) Judith Peake (Methodist), Brian Edwards (Salvation Army), Joanna Fells (St Laurence) and Carolyn Barton (URC)
Maria Kyovska (Christmas Kitchen Coordinator +St Laurence) Katie Packett.(St Peter’s)

Apologies: Christine Tulley (St Peter’s ) Linda Read (Salvation Army)

After a short period of silence Hilary quoted from Proverbs 3 v5&6
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own insight.
In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your paths” and followed this with prayer.

Food Bank: Brian reported that Christine Tulley had inspected the accounts on 12th July.

Demand had been higher than expected and donations have not kept up with need in some items. Food continues to be donated at a good rate but has been below demands until this week.

However, the Food Bank is financially sound especially having received a donation from the Bishop of Portsmouth of £1000.00 in addition to the standing order and a £50 donation.

£370 has been transferred from PACT account and cash in hand amounted to £245.58; Gift cards purchased £100, gift cards issued £165. Gift cards remaining £110,fresh food purchased £40.29, food bought to fill gaps in store £132.37

Issues of food since 5th August

  • 37 Adults helped
  • 53 Children helped


Some repeat issues to the same
family/person at intervals.

177 issues since Sepember 2010
helping 402 adults and 322 children.

  • 27 Initiated by CAB
  • 13 Sure start
  • 3 Tree tops
  • 6, Radian
  • 5 Children’s Service Havant
  • 1 Salvation Army
  • 9 Radian

Chaplaincy: Hilary reported from the PACT Coordinating Committee that John Callaghan had talked of the success of the Chaplaincy team working in the town amongst the business folk. A new training session would begin for anyone interested from any of the PACT churches soon (possibly October) Anyone interested should contact John on 01730 266220 or

Christmas Day Lunch: Maria Kyovska introduced herself as a cook with good experience and enthusiasm. With innovative ideas it was her wish and prayer to cook lunch for those alone on Christmas Day! Everyone was unanimous in accepting her very kind offer and Hilary suggested she should be called the Kitchen Coordinator.

Hilary and Maria had spent many hours together discussing menu and looking at kitchens in the URC and Methodist Churches. Maria favours the kitchen at the Methodist Church (which meant that she could also have access also to St Laurence kitchen for parboiling vegetables!) The Methodist Church and St Laurence would also provide adequate parking and good cloakroom facilities.

The URC was thanked for the offer of their facilities but we would be declining this year.

Katy Packett from St Peter’s Church attended and volunteered to be Coordinator for the Christmas lunch and we offered support and the next step would be to form a small committee from representatives of the church to move the organisation forward.

Brian thanked Hilary for all her hard work in getting the organisation of Christmas day lunch thus far.

Loneliness and Isolation: Sadly,again we ran out of time for much discussion.Brian commented that the District Nurses went out to people who were isolated /lonely and he would ask them to feed back the names of any needy individuals.

Hilary asked that each church rep: went back to their churches and sought to identify anyone who might be lonely or isolated (not necessarily the elderly). Also to come to the next meeting with a list of those people who might be invited to the Christmas lunch.

The meeting closed at 11.10am

The date of the next meeting: Monday, 22nd October 2012 at 10am at 30 Oaklands Road, Petersfield


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