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Social Concerns Group, Petersfield

Notes on PACT Social Concerns Meeting Monday 22 October 2012 30 Oaklands Road

Present: Hilary Bonney, Sue Bone, Judith Peake, Christine Tully, Brian Edwards, Joanna Fells, Pippa Collingwood ,

Apologies Linda Read

Hilary explained that following a conversation she had held with Will Hughes, she expected that he would chair this meeting and that Katie Packett would also attend. In their absence we did not discuss the Christmas lunch.

Food Bank

  1. Owing to Harvest festivals there had been many food donations since the last meeting, including from seven churches, two schools and Causeway House Day Nursery. Cash donations had been received from one school and an individual. A couple who had received help were now stable financially and in gratitude donated a gift card, as did an old friend of Brian’s. Brian had purchased gift cards (£93) and also heavy duty plastic bags and folding crates (£82.30). He had issued £80.00 worth of gift cards with £170 worth remaining. Cash in had was £255.28. There was now over £1,000 in the bank.

  2. There had been 22 issues of food helping 32 adults and 19 children. These issues were initiated by: Drum/Radian 2; C.A.B. 2; S.A. 9; Sure Start 4; Tree tops 3; Heath Children’s Centre 2. There had been 200 issues since Sept. 2010 helping 436 adults and 342 children.

  3. Waitrose will put the food bank as one of the 3 charities to share £1,000 in its monthly ‘green token’ scheme. Waitrose will also have collections of food for the food bank 9.00am-4.00pm on Sat 24th Nov and Sat 1st Dec. Volunteers are needed to man this.

  4. There was too much pasta and tea bags in the Food Bank. We agreed these could be donated to another food bank, Bordon

Christmas Card bundling

These would be ready in the week beginning 19th November. Most of us were available on Friday 23rd November. We were encouraged to invite other helpers. Christine is to confirm the availability of the SA hall, and if this was unavailable to source another venue.

Loneliness and isolation in Petersfield

Hilary explained that there were many people with some mental health issues who were very isolated. Some sat in public places such as outside Waitrose. We were encouraged to be aware and friendly. The town chaplains were also of help here.

Date of next meeting This was not decided because we needed to get a date suitable for the new chairperson. Hilary would follow this up with Will.


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