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Social Concerns Group, Petersfield

Notes on Pact Social Concerns Group held at 25 Castle Garden on Monday 10th November 2014 at 10am

Present: Hilary Bonney (Chair), Sue Bone, Christine Tully, Brian Edwards, Joanna Fells, Elisabeth Holmes.
Apologies Judith Peake. We were sad to learn that Judith had sustained broken bones resulting from a fall.
Brian opened the meeting with a brief devotion and prayer

Matters Arising from meeting of 1st Sept

1. Christmas Lunch Several Christmas lunch planning meetings had taken place and good progress had been made.

  • all invitations had gone out. Guests should accept these by letter or phone to St Peter's parish office. 5 guests had accepted so far.
  • a poster should be displayed in each church.
  • volunteers. Table hosts were in place, but drivers and a dish washer were still needed.
  • Max, St Mary's curate, would welcome guests with his family. Will Hughes would be present during the whole lunch time.
  • Cooking. Marika would be helped by a chef from the Good Intent. It was hoped St Laurence Hall would be in use again by then. The menu would be butternut squash and lime soup, sliced turkey with all the trimmings, Christmas pudding or individual trifles. A microwave would be purchased and donated to the Methodist church. A 'bain marie' would also be purchased.
  • the lunch rep of each church should arrange for the provision of 10 good quality Christmas crackers, 4 litres of fruit juice, and one table arrangement.
  • Small gifts had been purchased for each guest. The social concerns group would help to wrap them at Hilary's home on Fri 28th November, coming and going as convenient.
  • Waitrose was collecting for the Christmas lunch this month (November) via the green token scheme.
  • The Salvation Army provided table covers and napkins last year. Brian was asked to check if such were available this year.

We could help get the tables ready on Christmas Eve. We needed to check when the tables would be available.

2. Food Bank

There was a plentiful supply of food from the Harvest festivals, but Brian had needed to buy more items such as coffee! The following churches donated food:- South Harting, St John the Evangelist Langrish, St Peter’s, Petersfield, St Mary’s Buriton, St Mary’ Sheet, St Laurence. The following schools donated food:- Ditcham Park, South Harting, Buriton. (apologies from Brian if any are omitted because some food may have been delivered in his absence). Mr Dave Bartlett of Sage will deliver food over the Christmas period. A group of Bedales students are entering a project on the food bank into a competition; prize money, if won, would be donated! The Brownie pack is collecting for the Food bank.

Since the last meeting cash donations of £112.25 had been received, including a harvest donation of £47.25 from Buriton School. The Bishop of Portsmouth donated a £750 cheque and a direct credit of £80 into the PACT food bank account left £1,804 in the PACT account.

Brian had purchased £200 worth of gift vouchers, a £5 voucher was donated, he issued vouchers worth £160 and had £185 remaining.

He used £88.58 to purchase the needed food items. There was £216.44 cash in hand.

FOOD ISSUES. Since the last meeting there had been 33 issues of food helping 46 adults and 39 children:

Issues of food initiated by various agencies since June

  • 46 Adults helped
  • 39 Children helped
  • 10 Drum/Radian
  • 6 CAB
  • 7 Salvation Army
  • 0 Havant Orion Centre


  • 1 Job Centre
  • 6 Action for Children (Sure Start)
  • 1 Adult Mental Health Petersfield
  • 1 Havant NHS Foundation Trust
  • 1 Children’s Service Havant
  • 1 Two saints

No-one had yet come forward to 'shadow' Brian's work on the food bank.

Soup Run. The number of helpers had reduced. The viability of the service is under review unless more helpers come forward. Brian reported that Mark was now on the top of Petersfield housing list.

Date and venue of next meeting The next meeting will be held on Mon Jan. 12th at 10am at 25 Castle Garden.


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