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Social Concerns Group, Petersfield

Notes on Pact Social Concerns Group held at 25 Castle Garden on Monday 23 March 2015 at 10:00am

Present: Hilary Bonney (Chair), Sue Bone, Christine Tully, Judith Peake, Joanna Fells, Elisabeth Holmes, Isobel Chambers.

Apologies: Brian Edwards.

Hilary opened the meeting with a reflection on being quiet to listen to God and with prayer.

A) Matters Arising from meeting of 12th Jan 2014

1. Food Bank

The year had started quietly which meant there were high stocks of food and offers from Waitrose to collect food had been declined!

No-one had come forward to take over as manager of the food bank from Brian; some enquirers had thought it was a paid position! A lady recommended to Brian seemed more interested in being an idea’s person rather than being the manager. An article by Judith Bee in the April Rock may generate some interest! This needs to be urgently discussed by PACT. Hilary would ensure that this gets on the agenda for Wednesday’s PACT meeting and would present issues discussed in today’s meeting.

Since the last meeting cash donations of £120 had been received. One cheque of £100.00 and direct credits of £80.00 into the PACT food bank account left £2,444.50 in the PACT account. Brian had received sufficient cash donations to buy perishable items without needing to draw down from the account.

Brian had purchased £100.00 worth of gift vouchers He issued vouchers worth £130.00 and had £190.00 remaining.
Brian used only £37.80 to purchase the needed food items. There was £226.10 cash in hand.

Brian would stand down as the manager on Aug 31st 2015

Issues of food initiated by various agencies since November

  • 29 Adults helped
  • 30 Children helped
  • 0 Drum/Radian
  • 2 CAB
  • 1 Salvation Army
  • 0 Havant Orion Centre
  • 0 Two Saints
  • 1 Winton House
  • 1 SSAFA
  • 5 Tree Tops
  • 1 Life Church


  • 1 Job Centre
  • 2 Action for Children (Sure Start)
  • 2 Adult Mental Health Petersfield
  • 0 Havant NHS Foundation Trust
  • 0 Children’s Service Havant
  • 0 Children’s Service Waterlooville
  • 0 Home Start
  • 0 Hampshire Adult Services
  • 0 Children’s and family support (Cowplain)
  • 2 Children’s Service Alton

2 Soup Run. No report

3. Easter cards These had been successfully printed and bundled for distribution by the churches. Thanks to all the willing helpers. See the Easter card on the PACT web site.

B) New agenda items

1. The role of this sub committee. Christine reported that the group had given invaluable help in organising the card bundling. We noted that some of the services (eg cards bundling, Christmas lunch, food bank ) which were in our remit were sometimes run by folks who were not in our group. However it was our role to ensure that they did take place and to report any issues to the PACT committee. We would therefore ensure we would hold our meetings shortly before the PACT committee met so that any needed issues could be presented in that forum. We were a think tank for social issues.
Date and venue of next meeting The next meetings will be held on Mon 8th June and Thurs 3rd Sept at 10am at 25 Castle Garden.

The next meetings will be held on Mon 8th June and Thursday 3 Sept at 10:00 am at 25 Castle Garden.

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