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Notes on PACT Social Concerns Meeting Monday 26 March 2012

Present: Joyce Perry (chair), Sue Bone, Judith Peake, Christine Tully, Hilary Bonney, Brian Edwards, Pippa Collingwood, Joanna Fells, Rosemary Davies PACT Chair

Apologies: Linda Read, Rev Anderson Marsh

Joyce welcomed us all, particularly Joanna and Rosemary. The devotion was based on challenges from the Women’s World day of Prayer, ‘Let Justice Prevail’ and prayers from the service were read. Joyce noted that injustice, greed and indifference were always with us; even amongst us we need to guard against lack of awareness and concern.

Winton House The relaunch ceremony was very successful. Joyce is still the president.

Easter Cards These had been successfully packed for the churches. There were many helpers which made the work easy.

Town Chaplaincy We wanted to keep informed on this, but could not get an update in this meeting without Anderson.

Christmas Lunch

Owing to the unavailability of some key leaders, we needed to ensure that it would take place. The key leaders need to be sourced before the end of the summer. Joyce volunteered to prepare a list of the needed leaders and their responsibilities so that this could be used to advertise the need in our churches.

Food Bank

Stocks were running low, therefore £92.80 cash was spent on essential food stuffs. £44.00 had been received and the cash balance was £246.55 (excluding that held in the PACT account). But now stocks were high and demand lower! The article in the Petersfield Post and the campaign by Curves resulted in an upsurge of donations. Drum (Radian) were able to continue supplying food to their clients in spite of being in temporary premises while their building was being refurbished. Since the last meeting 30 issues of food were made, helping 42 adults and 37 children. These issues were initiated by: Drum/Radian 15; C.A.B. 2; Sure Start 1; Salvation Army 3; Tree Tops 5; Home Start 2; Life church and Petersfield Child Health Team 1 each. There were some repeat issues to the same family/person at intervals. Gratitude was expressed for Brian’s hard work in running the food bank.

Jubilee Festivities

Rosemary reported that PACT would have a stall in the festivities. Groups associated with PACT could be represented there. We suggested that there should be a display of pictures eg of the Women’s World Day of Prayer, Messy church, food Bank.

Future of the Group

Anderson had expressed an interest in leading the group. We trusted he would soon be well and able to do so. In the mean time we would follow an agenda decided on in the meeting. Hilary offered to chair the next meeting and Pippa to lead the devotions.

Farewell to Joyce Both PACT and the group gave tokens of our appreciation for her year’s of work.

Next Meeting Please note change of time. Mon 21st May 2.00pm, 30 Oaklands Road.


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