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Notes on PACT Social Concerns Meeting Monday 9 July 2013

Notes on Pact Social Concerns Group held at the SA Small Hall on Mon 1st July 2013 at 10am

Present: Hilary Bonney (Chair), Sue Bone, Pippa Collingwood, Judith Peake, Christine Tully, Joanna Fells, Brian Edwards.

Hilary opened the meeting with prayer.

Joanna had sent apologies for the last meeting.  These had been omitted from the notes.

Matters Arising from meeting of 20th May

 1. Food Bank

Since the last meeting a cash donation of £10 had been received, together with the regular donation into the PACT food bank account and two cheques totalling £400.00.  The sale of near to date items raised £22.00.  Brian had purchased £100 worth of gift vouchers, issued £55 worth and had £185 remaining.  He used £132.67 to purchase the needed items.  There was £155.05 cash in hand.  A cheque for £500.00 would be issued this week from the PACT account, still leaving  £1,150.93 in this account.  Christine would arrange with Brian a suitable date for the annual inspection of the food bank account.

STILL NOT NEEDED until further notice.  Tins of beans, tins of soup, packets of pasta.

FOOD ISSUES.  Since the last meeting there had been 21 issues of food helping 34 adults and 17 children.  These issues were initiated by:  Drum/Radian 4; C.A.B. 4; S.A.  6; Sure Start 1; Home Start 0; Tree tops 1; Life church 0; Winton House 2; Job centre 1; Community Treatment Team 1; community Safety Officer, EHDC  1.  There had been 471 issues since Sept. 2010 helping 689 adults and 505 children.

Brian noted that more groups were now referring people to the food bank.  He wished people to know that the Salvation Army was there to meet all kinds of needs, not just food!

2. Christmas Lunch

Katie had been invite to our meeting in September.  Members of the different churches are to be invited to join the Christmas lunch planning group.  Anyone interested should contact Hilary Bonney on 266900 or

The most urgent need was to ascertain the position with regard to the need for CRB checks for those transporting guests.

 3. Petersfield Voluntary Care Group (driving).  We still felt there was a need to flag up the need for more drivers.  We also needed to flag up the importance of Winton House in meeting many social needs and urge more people to volunteer.

The meeting was closed with prayer

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