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Notes on PACT Social Concerns Meeting Monday 9 July 2012

Present: Hilary Bonney (chair), Sue Bone, Judith Peake, Christine Tully, Brian Edwards, Linda Read, Sylvia, Hawkes (Street Watch)

Apologies Joanna Fells, Pippa Collingwood,

Devotions: Sue read a meditation by Eddie Askew and opened the meeting with prayer.

Street Watch

Sylvia is the chair of the Cranford Road Street Watch, which has been in operation for four years. This organisation started in Four Marks because the elderly and other vulnerable people felt intimidated by youth hanging around; Street Watch has now spread to all parts of the country. If residents of any area wish to set up a group they are trained by the police and are then empowered to walk the area in twos, getting to know the youth and chatting to them. Any untoward incidents are reported in a note book and the police can be phoned should a situation warrant this. They have no powers of arrest and should not intervene in a violent/dangerous situation, but their presence does result in a marked reduction of low level nuisance incidents. They go out in all weathers and times of the year, but vary their routes, times and partners so no one can predict whether or not they will be on patrol. Each member is given a high vis. jacket, notebook and an instruction card. There are other groups in Petersfield in Moggs Mead (especially the skate park area) and Rival Moor. Each group is relatively small and patrols its own area so that a meaningful relationship is built up with the youth.

Underage drinkers can be challenged. The police won’t deal with dog fouling; it is better to report any such incident to the dog warden in EHDC. Houses where drugs are exchanged are reported to the police, but the police are unable to act unless they can catch the pushers doing it. Street watch members do find homeless people eg in Rams walk. It is difficult to cater for them because hostels will take people only from their own area and there is not a hostel in Petersfield. The Salvation Army does provide food through the food bank and the lunch club.

Matters arising from meeting of 21st May

1. Christmas Lunch

Hilary would ask Sheridan Rocher of Winton House to design an advertising poster, for use in our churches etc. so we could recruit needed key volunteers. Sheridan could also recommend suitable people. It was unlikely that Becky Farr would be available again for the music, but Sylvia Roberts would be honoured to be the MC should she have no other Christmas plans. She could not commit herself yet and would not be offended if the ‘post’ was advertised. There were people showing some interest in the key roles of cook and chief co-ordinator. Hilary would meet with them before she asked Sheridan to recommend others.

Potential Chief kitchen food co-ordinator: Maria Kyovska of St Laurence. Hilary would meet with her and Lis Scott.

Potential Overall Co-ordinator. Sarah Ditcham also of St Laurence, was interested, but needed to know how demanding the role was because she had other involvements at that time of year eg. at Ditcham School. Hilary would meet with her and Christine Rushton. Sue Bone would attend these discussions if available.

Concern was raised by several people about excessive alcohol being available. Our committee recommends that alcoholic drinks are not served, there are many suitable fizzy drinks.

2. Food Bank

Brian reported that stocks were good with steady demand.

Owing to refurbishment at Drum, their distribution figures were not available, so the distribution figures reported were lower than the actual ones. Since our last meeting there had been 14 issues of food, helping 18 adults and 14 children. These issues were initiated by: Drum/Radian 2; C.A.B. 4; Sure Start 4; Tree Tops 1; Homestart 2; S.A. 1.

£16.00 had been donated. £44.03 had been spent on food, crates and receipt book. £100.00 was spent on Tesco gift cards of which £95.00 worth had been issued. Also £50.00 worth of Tesco cards were donated by St Mary’s. There was £221.92 cash in had plus money in the PACT account.

A minister from a church in Liphook phoned Linda on 18th June to say their young people had raised £190.00 for food, but as yet this has not been received.

The food bank is now registered with EHDC as a ‘food business’. An inspection will be carried out by them in due course.

We needed to appeal for volunteers to be available, if needed, to buy fresh food on either Thurs or Friday mornings. Names and phone numbers to be given to Brian.

The church in Harting has asked us to pray that a younger person would be able to bring food they have collected to the food bank.

3. Chaplaincy.

The Chaplains would be marshals during the Olympic torch relay, July 16th. PACT prayer on 15th July: we are encouraged to join the torch route at 7.14pm, close to where we live, and walk, praying, to the square by 20:12.

4. Loneliness and Isolation

We were asked to consider what we could contribute to this discussion in the next meeting.

5. Cards distribution Phyllida Carr wished to step down from being the St Mary’s co-ordinator. Hilary would act on getting a replacement.

Closing Prayer: Linda committed all our activities to the Lord.

Date of the next Meeting Monday 24 September 10.00 am 30 Oaklands Road.


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