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Social Concerns Group, Petersfield

Notes on Pact Social Concerns Group held at 25 Castle Garden on Thursday 14th January 2016 at 10am

Present: Hilary Bonney (Chair), Sue Bone, Christine Tully, Joanna Fells, Elisabeth Holmes, Isobel Chambers, Janet Love

Hilary opened the meeting with a reflection on a poem, ‘Don’t give up’.

Christmas lunch: 54 guests attended and an enjoyable time was had by the participants. The ‘wash up’ meeting was held on 29th Dec and the next meeting would be 11th July 9am. The notes from this meeting had been sent out by Katie. A few issues had come to the attention of committee members since the ‘wash up’ meeting, eg drivers finding that ‘lifting’ of guests was required! These issues should be brought to the meeting of July 11th. We noted that Katie wanted a driving co-ordinator to take on the overall responsibility for drivers in 2016.

Other business: Hilary reported a few key points from the PACT AGM, held on 13th January

  • There was one church in Petersfield (Hope church)that was not a member of PACT.
  • The Messy Church side of Holiday club needs new organisers. Max Cross of St Mary’s Sheet is still planning to run the juniors: anyone wishing to help with holiday club should contact him.
  • The Kings Arms was hoping to build a purpose built facility.
  • The Petersfield Counselling Service offered professional advice for a modest fee; they were in need of financial support.
  • Christian Aid street collections would now be organised by each individual church. Each church would be given a list of streets for which it was responsible and would bank the money collected. A Christian Aid soup lunch would be held. NOTE 6th Feb 12noon -2pm at the Methodist church. (not 30th Jan as we thought in our meeting)
  • New chair of PACT Tim Concannon of St Laurence would share this role with the Mason’s (Simon and Helen) of Life Church.
  • The PACT service would be held on Sun 17th 4pm at Peter’s.

Informing churches of PACT events: We were concerned to note that some churches had not put the PACT AGM or service in the notice sheets. Although John did a wonderful job on the web site, it still seemed that many church members were not informed of PACT activities.

Hilary closed the meeting with prayer.

Date of next meeting Thursday 31st March 2016, 25 Castle Garden, 10am


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