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Social Concerns Group, Petersfield

Notes on PACT Social Concerns Group held at 25 Castle Garden on Monday 12 Jan 2015 at 10:00am

Present: Hilary Bonney (Chair), Sue Bone, Christine Tully, Brian Edwards, Joanna Fells, Elisabeth Holmes. We welcomed Isobel Chambers from St Mary’s Buriton

Apologies: Judith Peake. Judith was still recovering from her fall.

Hilary opened the meeting with prayer.

Matters Arising from meeting of 10th November 2014

1. Christmas Lunch
The ‘wash up’ meeting took place on Jan 9th. This event was enjoyed by those who attended, though numbers were lower than last year. Some were prevented from attending owing to illness. A proposal would be taken to the PACT committee that an invitation could be included in the PACT Christmas card in order to inform anyone who had otherwise not heard of the event. Churches could advertise the event more effectively.

The entertainer became unwell and could not attend, though it was felt that the guests enjoyed the opportunity to talk to each other.

It was found that some guests had not heard of available services for the elderly, such as bus passes. Perhaps a flier advertising available services could be place on each table.

Most of the food was purchased by Marika using donations from the patrons of the Good Intent (not shown in PACT accounts). A full financial breakdown was presented to the meeting on January 9th. Money was spent on:

  • Gifts for the guests (£209.56
  • Equipment £149.50
  • Ffood £71.80
  • Postage £25.44
  • Total £456.40

Donations were received from Waitrose £274, and individuals £60, added to £1,298 already in the account.. £98.98 was donated by the guests. This would be given to the Kings Arms.

Some helpers did not turn up, specifically those in the kitchen. Katie and Marika were left finishing off the washing up and clearing the kitchen.

2. Food Bank
Much food had been donated both through the churches and from Waitrose. A small band of helpers had helped to sort and mark the food on a Monday morning.

Since the last meeting cash donations of £142 had been received. Three cheques totalling £340.50 and a direct credit of £120 into the PACT food bank account left £2,264.50 in the PACT account.

Brian had purchased £100 worth of gift vouchers and vouchers worth were £100 donated. He issued vouchers worth £165 and had £220 remaining.

Brian used only £8.40 to purchase the needed food items. There was £350.04 cash in hand.

FOOD ISSUES. Since the last meeting there had been 43 issues of food helping 58 adults and 64 children. These issues were initiated by: Drum/Radian 6

Brian would stand down as the manager on August 31st 2015

Issues of food initiated by various agencies since November

  • 58 Adults helped
  • 64 Children helped
  • 6 Drum/Radian
  • 7 CAB
  • 14 Salvation Army
  • 1 Havant Orion Centre
  • 1 Two Saints
  • 1 Winton House
  • 1 SSAFA


  • 1 Job Centre
  • 3 Action for Children (Sure Start)
  • 3 Adult Mental Health Petersfield
  • 1 Havant NHS Foundation Trust
  • 2 Children’s Service Havant
  • 2 Children’s Service Waterlooville
  • 1 Home Start
  • 1 Hampshire Adult Services
  • 1 Children’s and family support (Cowplain)

3 Soup Run
The number of helpers had now increased and the soup run was operating each Monday evening as usual

New agenda items

1. Reports to PACT AGM:
Hilary presented the Social Concerns report and Brian the Food Bank report. John Callaghan had sent out these reports by email and they are available on the PACT web site - just click the links above.

2. Easter Cards.
They would be bundled on March 9th at the SA Hall.

3. Homelessness discussion.
About three needy people had been noticed in Petersfield. It was not easy to know how to help them.

Date and venue of next meeting The next meeting will be held on Mon Mar 23rd at 10am at 25 Castle Garden.


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