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 PACT Social Concerns Group  held at the SA Hall on Monday 20 January 2014

Present: Hilary Bonney (Chair), Sue Bone, Pippa Collingwood, Judith Peake, Christine Tully, Joanna Fells, Fr Hollins

Apologies: Brian Edwards, Linda Read.

Hilary opened the meeting with prayer.

Matters Arising from meeting of 11th November

1. Cards
The Christmas cards had been delivered successfully. Linda Cawsey was getting everything in hand for the Easter cards. Card bundling would take place on Mon 24th March, 9am Salvation Army Hall. Hilary had very kindly offered to collect the cards from Petaprint on Fri 21st so we could get off to an early start on 24th. Christine requested to be informed of anyone who could no longer do their deliveries and for reps. to return card labels and rubber bands. A meeting to discuss deliverers may not be necessary; this would depend on how many deliverers needed to be replaced.

2. Christmas Lunch
The lunch was enjoyed and was considered a success. However there were a few challenging circumstances which could be corrected in future. These were noted in the ‘wash up’ meeting and would guide the future planning of the Christmas lunch group. Hilary emphasised:

  • that it was important to have a rep from each church
  • that a new email address should be used to contact Katie
  • that the first meeting would be held on July 17th, time to be confirmed
  • that it was needful for more people to gain a food hygiene certificate

The group approved the moneys spent to give gift vouchers to several organisers and helpers. The conditions e.g. no washing up machine meant that the work was particularly tiring this time. We were grateful that Katie and Marika were willing to organise the lunch again next time.

The financial position was as follows:-

Carried forward £769.00
Waitrose donation £600.00
Personal donations (£100 to be used for homeless) £250.00
Liss URC £50.00
Good Intent Patrons £391.12
Offering for Kings Arms £159.10
TOTAL INCOME £2,219.22
Food (purchased by Marika using Good Intent donations) £313.32
Stamps £ 25.00
Milk etc £ 5.37
For gift bags £ 80.96
Gift vouchers £110.00
For lunch £ 534.65
Clothing for homeless £ 97.39
Donation to Kings Arms £159.10
Donation to food Bank (balance donated by Good Intent) £ 77.80
Charitable donations £334.29
Carried forward £1,350.28

The money carried forward from 2012 was mainly that which was donated by Waitrose, which was received in 2013 after all expenses had been paid! Waitrose approached us with a request to make a donation again in late 2013. We said we would use it towards the 2014 lunch.

3. Food Bank
Brian should now be contacted by email on

EHDC (organised by East Hants Unison branch) donated food and spent monies raised on needed items, as advised by Brian. Herne Junior school are doing a project concerning citizenship and wish to make up boxes of food etc. for the food bank.

Radian has recently made a request for a large delivery of food.

Since the last meeting a cash donation of £80 had been received, together with £626.65 donations into the PACT food bank account. £500 was withdrawn for purchases leaving £1,432.65 in the PACT account. The sale of near to date items raised £45.40.

Brian had purchased £100 worth of gift vouchers, was given £20 gift vouchers, issued £170 worth and had £160 remaining.
He used £218.38 to purchase the needed items, £7.50 on marker pens and £20 on emergency electricity metre aid. There was £404.35 cash in hand.

FOOD ISSUES. Since the last meeting there had been 58 issues of food helping 88 adults and 56 children. These issues were initiated by:

Drum/Radian 14   Sure Start 0   Winton House 3
C.A.B 6   Home Start 0   Job centre 4
S.A 17   Tree tops 1   Action for children 9
East Hants Advocacy Team 1   HM Prison service 1   Youth crime prevention team 0
Community Treatment Team 1   Havant Mental Health Team 1      

There had been 664 issues since Sept. 2010 helping 1538 adults /children. Father Hollins was amazed at the number of needy people. It was explained that these figures did include repeats eg for the homeless and that some were helped for a short period while waiting for benefits to be sorted.

4. Chaplaincy
Pippa informed us that there was monthly prayer meeting for the chaplaincy held at the home of Patsy Robinson.

  • Date of next meeting Monday 10th March at 10am in the Salvation Army Hall


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