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Minutes of the Pact Social Concerns Group held at The Salvation Army Hall on Friday 18th January 2013 at 10am

Present: Hilary Bonney (Chair), Sue Bone & Joanna Fells

Apologies: Pippa Collingwood , Brian Edwards, Judith Peake ,Christine Tulley

Only a few attended . However, the meeting was not cancelled because it had been a long time since we had met and Hilary felt that some information needed to reach the churches via the representatives from the meeting or in the minutes.
Brian was unable to attend the meeting because of the snow but sent information on The Food Bank by e-mail .
Friday was not a good day for Pippa & Christine and Judith was on holiday.

1) Christmas Day Lunch:
a)Reflections on the Christmas Day Lunch had been e-mailed to all the representatives on the Social Concerns Group. It was hoped that they would report back to their respective churches very soon using the information therein.

b) The new young team at a different venue had made it a success and their commitment for next year should make it possible for The Social Concerns Group to address other issues during 2013.

c) Volunteer help was needed for next year’s event.

2) Food Bank:
a) A report on the year 2012 had been written and will be presented at the Pact AGM at 7.30pm on Wednesday 23rd January in St Peter’s Church.

b)In his absence Hilary wanted it noted how ably Brian organises The Food Bank and ministers to those in need and how grateful all the churches are.

c)Please note the food items that are usefully donated to balance stocks e.g. Tinned potatoes and tinned meat.

3) Chaplaincy:
A member of the Chaplaincy team had been expected to attend so no news. This of course would be updated by their report at the AGM.

4) Loneliness and Isolation, especially in rural communities:
Hilary had attended the AGM of Community First on 13th November 2012.which was followed by an Interagency Forum to discuss the question:

“ How can we address social isolation and loneliness within older populations in East Hampshire?”

Mary Mitchell from the Good Neighbours Support service spoke of current approaches.

A Government Green Paper had been published which highlighted three things of significance:

a) Housing
b) Transport
c) Social Care

Web Master's Note: The Green Paper can see seen at: - I suggest that you don't print it as it is a 20 page document!

A discussion considered the villages around Petersfield , how they were served and the possibility in due course of time of the Voluntary Car Service from Winton House becoming linked to a Good Neighbours Scheme. Hilary would do some research with Sheridan Rosher at Winton House and Jennifer Robinson Chair of the Voluntary Car Service. Steve Field of The Salvation Army had notifed Hilary of a Good Neighbours Scheme run by The Salvation Army in Portsmouth. This would be high on the Agenda at the March meeting.

5) Befriending:

The Advocacy team at Community First are soon to roll out a group of Befrienders. People are needed by Chrissie May ;email or telephone: 01730 710017 who are willing to spend some time with a person on their own as a befriender. CRB check is necessary and full support and training is given. See:

I am aware that this is something that we do in our churches and Dr surgeries also have their schemes. However, please pass this information to your churches to inform people of this need.

This will be on the Agenda for our next meeting .

Date of next meeting: Monday 11th March at 10am in The Salvation Army small hall.


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