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Annual Reports for the year 2019

Each year those organisations that are Partnered or Linked with PACT present a report of their activities to the PACT AGM. Some written reports are also provided and these are reproduced on this web site.

Click on the name of the group or its logo to read their report for 2019 - the report will open in a new window; close the window to return to this page. You may download a PDF copy of each report from this report page.

All organisations have a page on the PACT web site and some have their own web site - links to these are provided on their report page.

Reports for earlier years are also available on the Reports Archive page

Partnership Organisation


CHRISTIAN ARTS. The aims of the group are raise the profile of the Visual arts in church life, in worship and through inspiration of the Holy Spirit and to encourage those people with a gifting or interest in the Arts through discussion and practical work and create appropriate Holy Spirit inspired art work in and for meetings and events in Church life. Web site: Christian Arts Group

  PACT FOOD BANK is organised by PACT and collects food from local churches for distribution to those in need.
  PACT HOLIDAY CLUB provides art, drama and, sports activities for children during one week of the summer holiday.
  MESSY CHURCH PETERSFIELD Using a family-friendly approach the Messy Church draws all ages into a closer understanding of God's love. Through activities, thoughts to reflect upon and short suggested Bible readings, the whole family is given something to think about - plus a shared meal and cakes

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  PACT WEB SITE is designed to promote the activities of PACT, its member churches and the organisations that are partnered or linked with PACT. It will also make available documents, videos, audio files and images that record these activities. You can read about future events by visiting the PACT Special Events and Services page and by reading the PACT Newsletters.

Linked Organisation


CHRISTMAS DAY LUNCH (CDL) The Christmas Day Lunch provides a Christmas Lunch for those living in and around Petersfield who would otherwise be on their own on Christmas Day.

  IMC - IN MINISTRY TO CHILDREN Bringing lasting change for the children of Colombia needs people of vision and passion prepared to invest in their lives for the long term, accompany them through their formative years, and encourage them into maturity as young adults who will be part of a better future for all Colombia’s children.   

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  CHRISTIAN AID PETERSFIELD Christian Aid works to expose the scandal of poverty, to help in practical ways to root it out from the world, and to challenge and change the systems that favour the rich and powerful over the poor and marginalised
  HOME START BUTSER Through a network of more than 10,000 trained parent volunteers, we support thousands of parents who are struggling to cope. There are Home-Start branches all over the country. The first Home-Start scheme was launched in 1973, and there are now over 200 schemes. Each local scheme is staffed by at least one paid Organiser, who is responsible for running the scheme and recruiting and training volunteers
  PETERSFIELD CHRISTIAN MENS GROUP is open to all Christian men in the Petersfield area. The aims of the meetings are to develop friendship, fellowship, trust and encouragement. We currently meet at 7:00 pm in The Salvation Army Hall on the second Monday of the month and after a takeaway meal (Fish or Pie and Chips, Curry or Pizza) we have been blessed by a range of speakers who have brought messages of encouragement and calls to action.
  PETERSFIELD TOWN CHAPLAINCY is made up of individuals who believe in the Christian faith and are motivated by it to offer help to our town. The Chaplaincy is made up of individuals from all walks of life. e.g. teaching, business, public sector and ministry. The Chaplaincy is an independent partnership group within PACT
  THE KING'S ARMS has been set up as a Charitable Company by the Christians of Petersfield to provide a facility in which young people can meet together in a safe environment. (Registered Charity 1087176). We will always listen to the needs of our young community, and put into action what they want if at all possible, or give reasons fully if they can not be achieved.
  KNIT & KNATTER: Would you like to learn how to knit or crochet? We have wool, needles and patterns to get you started. Come and go as you please. Come and join in with projects or bring your own. Enjoy fellowship and make new friends.
  FAIRTRADE The Petersfield Fairtrade Group organise stalls at church meetings, and hold a special event during Fairtrade Fortnight each year. This is to raise awareness of the importance of buying Fairtrade goods to help some of the poorest in the world. We try to involve local schools in these events.   The group consists of  Marie-Claire Greening, Mary Morgan, Sharon Skrzypczak, Olivia Tottle and Debbie Williams.

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