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AGM 2012 - Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday, 25th January 2012 St. Peter’s Church Petersfield

Those present:  John Callaghan (Chairman), Karin Antonini,  Judy Barrow, Michael Barrow, Judith Bee, Sylvia Bovington, Evangeline Bowen, Sue Bowen, Linda Cawsey, Janet Colby, Rosemary Davies,  Emma Dean, Brian Edwards, Steve Field, Paul Heselton, Peter Hollis, Will Hughes, John Ide, Elizabeth Lynam, Brian Keys (Secretary), Ruth Keys, Di Mackarness, Anderson Marsh, Helen Mason, Sylvia Parnell, Joyce Perry, Kate Perry, Linda Read, Patsy Robinson, John Studd, Liz Studd, Monica Taylor, Terry Thraves, Ken Tottle, Olivia Tottle, Christine Tully (Treasurer), Barbara Ward, Lindy Young

  1. Opening prayer:  John Callaghan opened the meeting with a prayer.

  2. Apologies for absence:  Joanna Farrell, Audrey Hollingberry, Simon Mason, John Owen, Jeanette Richardson

  3. Minutes of the 2011 AGM and matters arising:  the minutes were approved unanimously and signed by the Chairman.   There were no matters arising.

  4. Chairman’s report:  John Callaghan introduced a slide show of photographs taken by John Studd showing the wide variety of events that had taken place during the year including the introduction of a Town Chaplaincy.   He emphasised the continued success of the revamped Holiday Club and Messy Church.

  5. Treasurer’s report:  Copies of both sets of accounts had been circulated.  Christine Tully pointed out that PACT’s major expenditure had been on the Christmas and Easter cards.   She drew attention to the reduction in Holiday Club costs, which was due to the reorganisation undertaken by Helen and Emma.   She thanked Christopher Town for examining these accounts.

  6. Election of Officers:  In accordance with the Constitution, the current Vice Chairman, Rosemary Davies, becomes Chairman for 2012.   The Reverend Anderson Marsh had been nominated as Vice Chairman and was unanimously elected.   Christine Tully had agreed to stand for re-election as Treasurer and was unanimously elected.   John Callaghan thanked her for all the work she puts in.   Brian Keys was standing down as Secretary.   John thanked him for all his efforts and presented him with a book.   In the absence of other nominations, John agreed to take over as Secretary for the time being.

  7. Report from John Studd on the PACT website:   John Studd stated that the website gives details not only of what is planned but also what has happened.   Over two hundred have signed up and there is wide variety of e-mail groups available for different information.   During the year around seven thousand visits were made each month to the website.   The Chairman emphasised how much work John undertook to ensure all this information was available and thanked him for all his efforts.

  8. Reports from Partnership Organisations, comments and questions:   full reports from the organisations are available on the website.  
  1. Any other business:   none

  2. Date of the next AGM:   Wednesday, 23rd January 2013.

  3. Closing prayer:  John Callaghan asked for blessing on all those who take part in the organisations and others who provide support in the wider community.   Anderson Marsh thanked John for all his work as Chairman and prayed that he would be blessed in his work.  

Reports for other years are also available on this web site

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