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Annual Reports for 2019

PACT Web Site

The PACT web site was launched at Pentecost in 2009 and has notified people of future events and provided reports of past events.

With the Internet able to provide an enormous amount of storage the web site has grown bigger and bigger – currently on file there are:

Much of this is no longer of current interest and I am currently undertaking a tidy up process, which will slim down the active web site whilst leaving older material still available in archives.

A key feature of the web site has been the Email Group - visitors to the site are invited to join one or more of the 40 email groups featured on the site. Then, whenever and event is planned, or when there is something to report on an event that has taken place, you will receive an email which contains a link to that event or report.

Recent legislation, notably the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has severely limited the number of emails sent out to the emails groups. I am, however, hoping that more people will subscribe to emails, which will enable me to keep more people informed of activities planned or taken place.

John Studd