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Annual Reports for 2019

Knit and Knatter
I took over the helm at the Knit and Knatter group over a year ago from Sandra Coombes who had successfully established and run the group for several years, attracting a good number of like minded ladies who regularly participated in the knitting of items of knitwear for a variety of local charities. This enterprising group used their skills to bless others.

Knit and Knatter has continued to thrive and though the numbers of charities knitted for has because fewer, it still attracts many ladies who come along for the fellowship and chat over a cup of coffee and biscuits. On an average evening we can have as many as sixteen even on a cold winter’s night.

We have strong links with SEND prison whose knitters contribute all manner of knitted and crocheted items for distribution. This year we have been able to send knitted blankets to Africa and to refugee organisations, knitted heart shaped cushions to Cancer Care, small knitted toys and clothes to the Prem baby unit at QA and crocheted blankets to the RSPCA.

We continue to meet once a month at the Leisure centre on Herne Farm from 7pm. The first session this year is on Wednesday 15th January. Please come and visit us and don’t forget your knitting.

Belinda Shaw