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Annual Reports for 2019

The King's Arms

As we embark on our twentieth year of service to young people and their parents in this area of Hampshire, thank you is not enough! To the hundreds of volunteers, to the staff and in particular to the wider community, you have all shown such generosity and have ensured this amazing project will continue to affect our town.

Alongside our work in local schools and at our home in the Courtyard building in the Festival Hall car park we have been approached by our friends in Alton to bring a King’s Arms project into their community. We were asked to present our vision to the Town Council and traced the development of the King’s Arms from its conception. They were very impressed and urged us to help them set up their own project. They recognised the quality of youth work in the Petersfield area and the astonishing community ownership and involvement. Much more will be reported as this new venture develops.

In Petersfield we have been concerned for some time to locate and secure a permanent home for KA. I am so grateful for volunteer experts who have stepped in with their professional expertise to move this forward. With our current lease set to expire in August 2020 we need to urgently address this issue. If you are able to view our accounts, you will see we have been given a huge fund in order to realise this dream for our own home. These gifts, which have been given in trust by visionary people, have enabled us to pursue a suitable home for the project. Staff and Trustees are amazed at this level of trust and passion, which ensures continued investment in young people in this town.

I have been involved in youth work since I was 17 when, with others, I set up and ran a small club which in turn helped me so much through my teenage years. I qualified as a teacher and as a youth worker in 1974, but I have never been involved in or witnessed such a comprehensive, enthusiastic and remarkable youth work as the one I have the privilege to be part of now. Maybe you could raise a few pounds, give a few hours, talk about KA to others, recommend friends to check us out or serve on the trustees, we would appreciate it. Your involvement will ensure we can continue to work towards changed outcomes for hundreds or even thousands of young people. The ripple effect will also touch parents, grandparents and whole families and this entire community.

Please go to our website to volunteer, make a donation or find out more.
John Callaghan