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Annual Reports for 2019

Holiday Club

PACT Holiday Club tried a different approach this year, running on four Fridays at St. Peter’s Church.

Each Friday we started with Praise and Worship in St. Peter’s Church, with music from our excellent band and a brief talk by a leader of one of the local churches. These sessions are so valuable as they give the children songs to sing (many with actions) and a lesson at a child-friendly level.

Children aged 8 and under then went (with their parents or carers) to St. Peter’s Hall for a morning of arts and crafts, snacks and playtime. The arts and crafts are themed to support the daily message.

Juniors, aged 9-11, went with separate leaders and tried a variety of activities, including the very popular tours of the bell tower, crocheting, games and arts and crafts projects.

The price was greatly reduced from previous years for these mornings, only £1 per day for younger children and £2 per day for the older ones.

Attendance was much lower than in previous years, for a variety of reasons. However, the people who attended it enjoyed it very much.

As always, it is only due to the generosity of volunteers that we have been able to put on this provision. We gratefully thank the 31 volunteers and the ministers who gave graciously of their time and talents to allow Holiday Club to happen this year.
So now the question is, does Holiday Club continue? If it does, should it be in the new format or something larger? In either case, a leadership team needs to be formed to share the workload before, during and after the week. Please let me know what you think and if you can offer to volunteer some of your time and talent to make this happen again – email me at