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Annual Reports for 2019


This year’s Fairtrade Fortnight, our tenth as a Fairtrade Town, began on Monday 25 February 2019. To mark the event, the Group, in collaboration with Art Shop, arranged for over 20 sites in Petersfield and its surrounding villages, including shops, churches and other public spaces, to host artworks created by a range of different local community groups on the theme of Fairtrade.

Trail leaflets giving details of participating groups and venues were available at each venue enabling people to follow the trail of art which was displayed throughout the fortnight until Sunday 10 March. Most schools in the area, in addition to art and craft groups, flower arrangers, W.I. and Girl Guides displayed their creations.

The Group were grateful to all the contributors and hosts taking part in this year’s Fairtrade Art Shop and hope that the artworks, both during their creation and their display, prompted all of us to think about the people behind products that bear the Fairtrade Mark. From bananas and coffee to wedding rings and shampoo, our buying choices can make a positive difference to their producers’ lives.

In addition, this year the Fairtrade Group had a stall at the Giant Christmas Market held annually in the Festival Hall. The aim was to make the Fairtrade Mark even more widely known and to display the very wide range of Fairtrade goods which are available. At the moment most of these are available online but not in the shops, and the aim is to improve this situation.
We always welcome others to join us, we are only a small group and it's always good to have new ideas.