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Annual Reports for 2019

Christian Art Group

The Christian Arts group has been in existence for more than four years now and in that time it has gone from strength to strength. The number and variety of workshops have grown to include not only drawing/painting, pottery and glass fused work but has now expanded with the introduction of different types of textiles work and sculpture.

The Arts group has over the past two years been involved in running a once a term Art Worship meeting at Life church taking some of the Art and Craft activities into the church body to enable them to discover the creativity that God has placed within them. These have created a time of fellowship, fun and uplifting.

2019 also saw the first serious art exhibition of some of the Christian Arts group and friends (other local artists), at the Garden room at the Physic Garden in Petersfield. This was a great success with lots of interested visitors including some of the organisers from PACs.

2020 will see not only the summer exhibition at the Physic Garden but also a winter exhibition. We are hoping to attract many more visitors and who knows add to our number.

The Art/Craft people who attend the workshops come for a variety of reasons and find a welcome, a real sense of peace and an atmosphere of Creativity. They have been able to learn new skills, develop and expand existing ones and meet with God. We often have a short time of pray if there is a need.

God called us to be Creative beings that is why He breathed His Creative Spirit into us. And He continues to bless this ministry.

Please do visit our website – to find out more.

Belinda Shaw (Life Church)