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Annual Reports for 2019

Christmas Day Lunch (CDL)



Phone top up £10.00
Hall hire £100.00
Hall deposit £100 (refundable) £100
Food £453.71
TOTAL £663.71
Donation South Harting URC £200.00
Annonymouse Donation £50.00
Donation (can’t make out handwriting!) £7.00
TOTAL £257.00
Income £257.00
Expenses (not including deposit) £563.71
Overspend £306.71
Donations from guests on the day for Kings Arms young carers £85.50
Other donations  
Table decorations Penny Callaghan
Table coverings and loan of projector The Salvation Army
Transport Various
Minibus (one way Paid for by Mark and Rhona Allin
Soft drink and Mince pies Various churches
Large cakes Premier foods
Crackers From previous years
Serviettes and gift bags K. Wigley
Gift boxes Petersfield Post
Gift bag contents and decorations various (some of which purchased from donated gift vouchers from money Barns and Mackarness and Lunt solicitors)
Trees Green team interiors
Photography Michael Claydon
Take away containers for lunch deliveries from gift vouchers donated by money barn
Gift for Soshana who entertained guests From gift vouchers donated by money barn
Frozen roast potatoes Tesco
Christmas puddings Annonymouse donation

On the day dinners were delivered to the Ambulance station for all who were working Christmas day. One dinner was taken out to a gentleman that was working alone on Christmas day. 56 guests dined with us and myself and 33 other volunteers helped to make the day run smoothly (some volunteers ate with us) at the very end a family (organised through St Lawrence RC church) came in and helped with the tidy up, which was by far the quickest and easiest in the years I have been co-ordinating. Any gifts and food left over was taken to Portsmouth to be given to homeless people on the evening of Christmas day.

There was a double page spread in the Petersfield post, (sadly not all the information they gave was correct, I shall be asking them to print a correction)

Sadly due to many reasons I (Katie Wigley) shall be stepping down from the Christmas Day Lunch and as such a replacement co-ordinator shall need to be sourced. We also need other committee members from more churches it is not a major commitment, 1 meeting in july and then one a month from September to December, it is vital we have a representative from each church to communicate with the churches as to how the congregations may help support us in making the day a success!

As it stands the first Meeting of this year is provisionally booked for 17.30 on the 17th July 2020, we would hope to have the new committee in place for this meeting.