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Annual Report for PACT Christmas Day Lunch 2018

This was held again at the Community Centre which gave us a good rate to hire the hall. It was a very successful event enjoyed by the guests (over 50) and helpers. Many thanks to Marika who cooked a delicious lunch, and to Katie and Brian who did a lot of the administration, together with the planning committee. Penny Callaghan made beautiful table decorations.

We were entertained by 12 year old Shoshana Yukin-Power who played her flute at the start of the event and did a superb job. The Mayor and her husband attended and she spoke to people at every table. Helen and Simon Mason attended at the beginning to open in prayer and Rev Richard Saunders (Sheet) also paid a visit.

There was a new administration hub this year, Winton House, and this worked well. They have been thanked for their help and they are happy to do it again next year. A phone was purchased to be used for communication with the guests, used by Brian. The Christmas lunch email address, operated by Katie was used to communicate with the volunteers. We propose that in future the mobile phone and emails should be dealt with by the same person. This will cut out a lot of communication problems. The ‘wash up’ meeting was held on 4th January and recommendations for planning the 2019 lunch have been listed to guide the planning committee.

Many churches do not have a representative on the committee. We strongly encourage each church to have one. The first planning meeting for the 2019 lunch will be held on Friday 19th July 6 pm in the lounge at Cremorne Place (subject to permission)

Payments     Receipts  
Phone 24.99   Donation Tesco 50.00
Venue 100.00   Donation anon 100.00
Stamps 29.00   Donation Waitrose 311.00
Items 5.00   Parkers (food) 313.22
TOTALS £472.21     £461.00
Deficit £11.21   Carried forward from the previous year £1,150
Donations at the event £76.81 given to Kings Arms £38.40 and Home Start £38.41
(There might yet be a charge for the use of the bus.)
Many items were donated such as, crackers, gifts for guests, and soft drinks
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