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Annual Report for Messy Church 2017

We continue to see God’s hand in Messy Church and we are blessed constantly by his favour over this small taste of church in Petersfield.

During 2017 the cooking team at Messy Church provided over 500 meals at the Messy Church in Petersfield on the third Tuesday each month.

When put like that you realize just what an impact this very simple format of church is having within our community.

Many of the families in Petersfield would like to attend church – but for whatever reason they cannot attend on a Sunday – and when they come along they like to do things together.
We have grandparents and childminders bringing their charges as well as parents coming along to join them for tea and we have also had a few Dads occassionaly joining us after work for the meal as well in the last few months!

Emma Dean is fabulous at preparing simple and effective crafts and aided by Penny Callaghan they delight in providing at least one very messy activity each month as well as ones that the parents want to take part in!

Our regular helpers are a wonderful bunch from across the churches and we have also got a few new members on the Messy Church team.

Our regular catering team (John & Liz Studd, John I, Caroline F & Pippa) prepare a main meal for approx 50 each month, sometimes as low as 30.

We are joined by a wonderful team from the Methodist Church have come along to help with the washing up and tidying of the kitchen this has made an incredible difference to our catering team and we are thankful for God’s provision in what might seem like a small thing!

Being part of the Messy team is tiring as I’m sure every helper will tell you but there is also much fun and laughter involved with the team and we are always looking for new helpers!

We are looking forward to 2018 and we will continue to put God first and to carry on looking for the new horizons and opportunities he puts before us.

Thank you to all of you who support us in the many and varied ways that you do, we really do appreciate each and everyone of you!

Helen and Emma

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