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Annual Report for Petersfield Counselling Service 2017

Petersfield Counselling Service has continued its essential and professional work in 2017 offering short and long-term counselling to adults 18 and over in the local community. During 2017 the Service offered just over 1000 hours of counselling and has continued to prove itself as a valuable and much relied on resource for GP’s and residents of Petersfield and the surrounding areas.

In October the Service celebrated 30 years of offering counselling to Petersfield and the surrounding areas, and to celebrate this auspicious birthday, we held a tea party at the Methodist Church. It was well attended by counsellors, trustees, chair’s past and present, and by supporters of the service from its many years of operating to those currently working with the Service. It was a fantastic event and enjoyed by all those attended.

The Service has seen some changes in 2016, namely in the way counselling is offered. Since the service began, its primary location for the provision of counselling has been from Petersfield Community Hospital (PCH). Generously the hospital has donated the use of 4 rooms on weekday evenings. Due to changes at the hospital this year there has been a change to this, the hospital still continues to offer us space for which we are enormously grateful, however we have seen a reduction in the room numbers and as such we have slightly reduced our number of counsellors working to 14 from 16. This has had an impact on the number of hours we have offered in 2017, as well as the income of the service. We are however positive in the face of these changes and the Service has adapted well and we are fully staffed as we move into 2018 with excellent ongoing support from PCH.

The Service continues to depend heavily on the donations we receive throughout the year as we are a fully independent service. Our heartiest of thanks goes to all of you at PACT for the support and recognition you have offered us. Your generous contributions to the Service have ensured that we have remained steadfast in our commitment to offer counselling to those who would not otherwise be able to access support, and for that we are extremely grateful.

Kerrie Jones

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