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Annual Report for Christian Arts Group

The Christian Arts group set up in 2015, continued to thrive and grow in 2017 with an increased number of people attending the workshops. We now have 22 adults and 5 children on the website showing examples of their work.

They work in a variety of different media from watercolour, wet felting, needle felting, pottery and the very popular fused glass, creating a wide variety of creative items. Several of these works of art went on exhibition at the Petersfield Museum’s new exhibition room in November were we raised more £360 for the new charity Hope Connect. This is the second year we have had a charity exhibition selling artwork. In 2016 we raised £1500 for IMC.

2016 saw the inclusion of a small number of children attending workshops to experience different arts and crafts and so expand their knowledge and interest. It was also the year that one of our non-Christians attended the Alpha course in the Autumn and is now a regular visitor to the Life church. It was a pleasure to see this young woman accept Christ and start to blossom.

The Christian Arts group also took their inspiration and skills into Life church in 2017 with three Arts worship sessions, offering the congregation an opportunity to experience some of the arts and crafts we offer and to encourage them to find their own creativity. After all God breathed His Creative Spirit into us (Genesis 1).

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