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Annual Report for the PACT Web Site 2016

The PACT web site was launched at Pentecost in 2009 and has notified people of future events and provided reports of past events.

The number of visits to the web site continues to increase each year though the increase from 2015 to 2016 was quite small.

The Messy Church page features a list of all the meals that have been prepared at Messy Church sessions since January 2009 and also makes available several recipes for downloading.

A key feature of the web site is the Email Group - visitors to the site are invited to join one or more of the 40 email groups featured on the site. Then, whenever and event is planned, or when there is something to report on an event that has taken place, you will receive an email which contains a link to that event or report.

If you are involved in running a group please encourage your members to join their email group then let the Web Master know what is planned, or has happened, then he can email everyone - this is a very easy way to keep your members informed.

It is not uncommon for events to be planned and/or take place without the PACT web master being directly informed; when this happens an opportunity to publicise the event and gain more support is lost. In a variation of a road safety sign the web master asks you to “Think Website” when you are planning an event! If you organise any events please let the webmaster know well before the event takes place and, if there is a follow up report, send details of that, and photographs, too:

It is easy to join one or more email group - just visit the Subscribe to Emails page by clicking on the link at the bottom of the main menu at the left of the screen, enter your name and email address and then tick as many email groups as you wish.

The groups are listed below in alphabetic order:

  1. All Saint's Steep
  2. Alpha
  3. Causeway Prospects
  4. Chaplaincy
  5. Christian Aid
  6. Christian Arts Group
  7. Christian Ecology
  8. Christian Youth Team
  9. Christmas Day Lunch
  10. Events and Happenings
  11. Faith Comment
  12. Froxfield Churches
  13. Holiday Club
  14. Homestart Butser
  15. IMC - In Ministry to Children
  16. Immanuel Approach Prayer Ministry
  17. Life Church Petersfield
  18. Messy Church
  19. PACT 20s and 30s
  20. PACT Committee Minutes
  21. PACT Lent Programme
  1. PACT Newsletter
  2. PACT Prayer
  3. PACT Web Site
  4. Petersfield Counselling Service
  5. Petersfield Housing Association
  6. Petersfield Methodist Church
  7. Positive Parenting
  8. Prayer Impact
  9. Social Concerns
  10. Society of Special Needs
  11. St Laurence Catholic Church
  12. St Mary Magdalen Sheet
  13. St Mary's Buriton
  14. St Peter's Petersfield
  15. Tearfund
  16. Theophostic Prayer Ministry
  17. The King's Arms
  18. The Salvation Army
  19. The United Reformed Church
  20. Unity Book Shop
  21. Voluntary Care Group

If you haven't yet joined an email group then please do so - and if you organise any events please let the webmaster know well before the event takes place and, if there is a follow up report, send details of that too:

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