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Annual Report for Social Concerns 2016

The Social Concerns Group is made up of ladies who are representatives from eight of the PACT churches .

We meet together at 25 Castle Garden bi-monthly and prior to PACT Coordinating Committee meetings.

We are a 'think tank! ' and it is amazing where are thoughts and prayers lead us during the time we are together. We may highlight local issues and places where good work in our town and environs is happening and where we witness the love of God. We are very aware of those who live alone and are marginalised.

It is at this meeting that information of events in our respective churches is passed on and in this electronic age we still value verbal communication; have respect and care for each other's needs .

We oversee the organisation of the annual Christmas Day Lunch. However, with Katie Wigley in charge and ably supported with the administration by Hattie Hughes and Marika Kyovska in charge of sourcing and cooking the meal our role has diminished.

Christmas Day Lunch 2016

Christmas dinner went brilliantly, we had the Mayor pop in and we finished the day off with the Queens speech.

There are a few small issues to look into for next year, primarily that yet again Marika and I were left to do most of the clearing up, and that I was left with several large boxes and three black bags of rubbish to remove and could have done with someone with a car to help me move them.

The new venue meant much more space so no one felt claustrophobic and if needed we could put more tables in, we had less people to a table than previous years which I think worked much better.

We have an offer of more food/help from Hilliers garden centre.

Minutes of the Social Concerns Group are posted on the PACT website.

Hilary Bonney (Chair of Social Concerns)

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