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Annual Report for Holiday Club 2016

Thanks to an amazing group of volunteers and lots of good will from parents, the week was very much enjoyed by 118 children aged 0-11 and their families.

Each morning started with praise and worship, with the band which seemed to grow every day leading us in songs which got the children (and parents) moving! Each day a minister or leader from a local church spoke to us and helped communicate and develop the idea of “Church – God’s Brilliant Idea.”

Then the groups divided. Children under age 8 stayed with their parents or carers and went to a wide variety of activities, always having the choice to go back to the Sports Hall and do lots of arts and crafts based on the week’s theme or play with toys. Lyndsey from Fiddlesticks, Sarah from Pyjama Drama, Rebecca from Rebecca Edwards Dance and Amanda from XCEL Gymnastics got them using their voices, imaginations and energy to have fun and be healthy.

The Juniors (ages 8-11) left their parents and learned how to make kites with Belinda and Carole. They worked on paper and fabric kites, parachutes and various things before spending the last day working on “Trash Fashion” – making clothes, jewellery and accessories out of “useless” items with great imagination and creativity. They also got up to lots of fun with Helena and Karen, playing games, doing drama and art and facing a team challenge.

The last day was a “celebration” day, with worship, dance and sport.

None of this would have been possible without the amazing team of 34 volunteers, some of whom gave a morning, some who gave a full week and extra time before or after. I cannot thank them enough, for their commitment, flexibility, creativity, energy and good cheer. 15 of these volunteers were under the age of 18 – a fantastic figure and such wonderful volunteers they were!

The success and high attendance was especially pleasing as the Holiday Club was not expected to run this year, as no one had volunteered to lead it. Planning only began in mid-May and so lots of regular volunteers, families and providers had made other plans. Many volunteers were first-time volunteers for Holiday Club. Registration only opened in July and we still had 118 children attend. Many more children wanted to be in Juniors than expected; we actually had to start a waiting list on the Friday before the club start due to a late surge in Juniors registrations.

This speaks loudly for how much PACT Holiday Club is valued and wanted locally. If it is to happen again next year, we need people to come forward to form a committee and start making plans much earlier for it. Many of the jobs could be divided and only take a few hours.


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