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Annual Report for Petersfield Town Chaplaincy 2016

Having been established by PACT in Autumn 2011 we are pleased to report that we have been serving the town faithfully every week since then and we are expanding our plans. Most of our Chaplains join us for the whole town events such as the Remberence day parade and special events and are about to train some new volunteers.

Our regular rounds include the Market, Chapel Street, Rams Walk, Paiges Court and the Farmers Market. We are currently considering how we can help individual churches in their outreach and are planning to open our training to anyone who would like to improve their skill in showing care to others. Topics include ‘knowing who we are in Christ’ and ‘listening’.

If you would like to be kept in touch with what we are doing or perhaps attend a training session please e-mail or leave a message on 07933479701


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