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Annual Report: Petersfield Voluntary Care Group 2015

During the past year the Group has steadily continued its work and several letters have been received from clients expressing their appreciation of the service we offer. Some of our longest serving drivers have “retired” during the year and we hope they are enjoying a well earned rest from trips to doctors’ surgeries and various hospitals. We are so grateful for their past commitment to helping our clients. Happily new volunteer drivers have come forward to replace them, so that the number on our list has remained fairly constant. However, we are always pleased to hear of people who are interested in the possibility of driving for us, even if they can only spare one day a month.

Whilst the majority of requests from our clients are for journeys either to local surgeries or to the Q.A. Hospital at Cosham or St. Mary’s Hospital in Portsmouth, we sometimes receive requests to go further afield, to places such as Chichester, Guildford, Frimley Park or Basingstoke, and we are happy to do that if one of our drivers is available.

Car parking at hospitals has been in the news recently and some of our drivers have encountered problems. It is good to know that the Good Neighbours Support Service, with which our Group is affiliated, is negotiating with the various hospital authorities in an attempt to try and resolve these problems. We are grateful to that organisation (which operates from Portsmouth) for the help and support they give us in various ways.

We hope that the troubles with the N.H.S. will gradually be resolved and that they will in no way interfere with our service to our clients in the coming year.

Jennifer Robinson

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