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Annual Report for Messy Church 2015

Messy Church continued in 2015 though some months there was lower attendance than in previous years. However, the number of young and non-churched families attending has grown. We have contact with 50 families on a regular basis via Messy Church.

A massive “thank you” is given from both Emma and myself to the support we get from all the volunteers. Our “creative” team are amazing and will try their hands had all the wonderful craft that Emma dreams up! The kitchen team, led by John and Liz, who sort out the drinks and the meal and the wonderful wash up team. The tidy up team, the set up team and “those who don’t quite fit into a team but are Messy helpers”! A special thank you goes to the young people who have made a commitment to help and come straight from school to help... and then they bring their friends too! Without the support and encouragement of all the volunteer helpers Messy wouldn’t happen each month.

We are so thankful to the support from the Church leaders who come along and deliver the talk – not always easy when children have horses to ride or light sabres to fight with!

I am always happy to talk to new volunteers whether to help with the crafts or to come in and help to serve the meal and tidy up.

Helen Mason and Emma Dean

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