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Annual Report for The King's Arms 2015

We are delighted to report that the King’s Arms has had a brilliant year. We now have hundreds of young people receiving a wide range of services. Autistic children, who all have special needs, have their own clubs, activities and outings. They are supported by volunteers and highly trained KA leaders. Each individual receiving specific appropriate help. Young carers are in a particularly vulnerable position always being on duty, so we are pleased to offer several clubs where they can let their hair down and just enjoy being young people, whilst being in a safe caring environment.

Our manager Caroline Aeschliman has built a strong team of volunteers and nine paid staff. The services offered by KA seem to ever increase as we seek to move with the changing needs of young people in this locality.

Finding funding is almost a full time job and we always have to seek short term grants, this is particularly disruptive if we are unable to provide a service we think is essential. However, the Churches and local Christians continue to be a consistent and generous support. We are also grateful for prayer support and appearance in magazine and newsletters, we should always be happy to give short talks about our work.

If anyone reading this wishes to support us by volunteering in any capacity – helping with supervision in clubs – driving –administration – publicity – fundraising – prayers – finance; please contact us:

Caroline Aeschliman
Operations Manager
The King’s Arms

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