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Annual Report for Holiday Club 2015


The Juniors had a great time shooting into space at Holiday Club. Learning about God’s brilliant idea of making them His church. Gifting them with power as well as love, and then making them one body to live for Him. There was craft, banter, games, and a quiz all with a space theme, as well as worship with the rest of holiday club. Who could forget the daily update from the ship's crew as they went in search of God’s brilliant idea. Led by Captain Suzy and Sergeant Anneli with, 2nd Mate Max, Corporal Ben and Private Nickoli in tow, and the ship’s crew cheering them on. It got all a bit messey and gungy for the Captain on the last day, but great fun was had by all. The new format would not have been such a success were it not for the adult and young leaders of the teams. Without a doubt it was them that helped make this a great week for all the children involved.

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