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Annual Report: Christian Aid 2015

The Christian Aid committee met three times this year, mostly in preparation for Christian Aid Week which took place during May. The committee consists of reps from several of the PACT churches (St Peter’s, Life, Steep and the URC) but not all churches are represented. That meant that the collections for Christian Aid week did not cover the whole town this year. Despite this, we were able to raise an impressive £5817 during the week. This was a combination of house-to-house collecting, a flag day in the town centre, a sponsored walk and coffee mornings.

Our first event for this year is the annual Soup Lunch on February 6th at the Methodist Church hall.

Hattie Hughes stood down as co-ordinator in the summer and as yet no one has offered to take up the role. This Christian Aid week each church will organise its own collections.

Hattie Hughes

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