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Annual Report for The Soup Run 2015

It’s hard to believe but the Soup Run will be two years old in March. I’m sure that everyone who has taken part will agree, it’s been a very interest time and we have met a wide range of different people.

We now have ten active volunteers who do at least one duty per month, and either Brian or Linda (Salvation Army) are willing to stand in if we are ever short of the 3 people needed to fulfil the Risk Assessment.

Marika still provides us with fresh homemade soup every week, which always goes down well with those who join us.

We do have a regular four or five people who join us most weeks, all have different reasons why they come, but are always made very welcome. In addition to this we get the odd surprise visitor, including visitors from abroad who are always fascinated by what we do.

There are two homeless people in Petersfield at the moment, they did join us on the Soup Run just before Christmas, but they don’t attend on regular basis. From reports we have however, they seem to be coping ok as it would seem that quite a few people are providing them with food and money.

As for the future, we have just renewed the Licence with the council for another 6 month, and have decided to continue doing the Soup Run while we have the volunteers to do it, people are joining us for food, drink or a chat.

Peter Reed
Soup Run Co-ordinated.

If you would like to become a helper contact Peter Reed 0774 393 6671

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