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Annual Report for Messy Church 2014

Messy Church is an amazing part of the ecumenical church in Petersfield to be involved in.
There are at least four teams of people involved in each month – the craft team, the catering team, the clean up team, the worship team as well as Emma, Penny and myself who think up the ideas and set up each month.

Each of these teams are key to the success of Messy Church – without the volunteers helping in their area of “expertise” Messy Church in Petersfield couldn’t run.

Huge thanks is given to all these volunteers from Emma, Penny and myself for their support.

Also a massive thank you to Peter Hollins, Will Hughes, Tom James, Richard Saunders, Judith Bee, Gerry Arnold and John Callaghan for their willingness to stand and talk to the widely ranging age group that make up Messy Church in Petersfield – a very daunting prospect for anyone!

Then there are the parents, grandparents and carers who come along with their charges – some are grateful for the “church” input as it’s all they can manage with their smalls, some alter their normal weekly routine to attend (and dash off to swimming after tea!), for some it’s the oasis of adult company without worrying what the smaller folk are up to... these families and their friends make up the Messy Church in Petersfield congregation, and within this community we are witnessing support and encouragement of one another.

We have a regular supporting group of families with our “quietest” month being 60 attending and our “busiest” ones with over 120 attending the session (not including the volunteers!).

One of the comments we frequently get from the parents is the pleasure they have in being served, the sense that they are special and deserve it! Oh and they get to eat cake with their children!

Messy Church in Petersfield’s success is built upon the relationships that have grown over the last 5+years between the attending families and the volunteers – it is a privilege to serve the local community with this fresh expression of church.

Helen Mason and Emma Dean

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